La Ribot

«Starting during the winds of liberated Spain in the 1980s, La Ribot’s practice has had a profound affect on current views of contemporary dance. Borrowing freely from the vocabularies of theatre, visual arts, performance and film, her work highlights the friction points between these disciplines. For her, dance is the starting point for multiple experiments rooted in the language of the body. It is also a place of negotiation between different frames and it frequently changes our view of the different contexts in which the body finds itself whether it be, in a museum, on the stage, or on video art.»

Marcella Lista, writer and curator Nouveaux Médias Centre Pompidou, Paris

Born in Madrid in 1962, La Ribot lives in Geneva and works internationally.

La Ribot was awarded with the Venice Bienniale Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement in 2020; Grand Prix suisse de danse, par l’Office fédéral de la culture in 2019; Visual Arts Award of the Community of Madrid in 2018; Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Fine Arts, Spain, 2015; and the National Award for Dance by the Ministry of Culture in Spain, 2000.

Her performances have been presented at : Tate Modern (London), Théâtre de la Ville, Centre Pompidou (Paris), Festival D’Automne (Paris), Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), Aichi Triennale (Nagoya, Japan), Soledad Lorenzo Gallery (Madrid), , Museu Serralves (Porto), Art Unlimited – Art Basel, S.M.A.K. (Gant), Panorama Festival, (Rio de Janeiro) and MUAC ( Mexico City).

Her video works are included in the collections of : Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), Centre Pompidou (Paris), CNAP (Paris) MUSAC, Artium (Léon), the FRAC- Lorraine, La Panera (Lleida) and Fundación Cajasol (Seville).

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