La Ribot

‘La Ribot. Manual de uso’ at CGAC (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela)

Sep 18 2019 - Feb 14 2021

Manual de uso portrays a journey over the past twenty years of La Ribot (Madrid 1962).

The works included in the exhibition reflect the compact union between dance and visual arts, a feature in all her work. Constantly moving between both worlds (theatres, auditoriums, exhibition halls, museums, and art fairs), many of her creations have been conceived as an approach to different works in which one the main constraints is temporality. This is precisely one the questions which is addressed in her project for CGAC in which we will be able to watch a live performance of Pièce distinguée no. 45, in addition to a selection of her works in video, installation and photographic format.
The exhibition by La Ribot is part of the first edition of Plataforma, Performing Arts Festival a project develeoped by Performa S. Coop. Galega.