La Ribot

LaBOLA, 2002, world premiere at Sala Alcalá 31

Mar 1 - Apr 3, 2022

“I imagine that we could all be dancing non-stop, all the time, all together, and doing more or less the same, continuously transforming ourselves, going through all kinds of experiences; starting out, for instance, from ourselves, exchanging shirts, trousers, hats; exchanging shoes, towels and dresses, forms; exchanging bellies, hair, noses, chicken legs, skulls, camel hair, long skirts, windcheaters, rugs, table and chairs, cigarettes and brooms, music and lights, books, mops and knives; exchanging bodies and lives, stories and lies, women and men; exchanging horns, gripes and butts; exchanging names, faces and passports.”

Extract from the speech given by La Ribot on receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale of Dance in 2020. This vision is performed by the dancers of the La Ribot Ensemble as part of a creation for the exhibition On A Human Scale.

Presented here for the first time, LaBOLA is performed by three artists. With a great quantity of clothes and objects, each day, each one of them invents an attitude and a costume. The interpretation of the different parameters takes place live and the transformation is permanent, constant and unstoppable.

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LaBOLA, 2022, world premiere
Clothes, objects, and books
Lenght: 60’’
With: Piera Bellato, Mathilde Invernon, Lisa Laurent, Juan Loriente, Thami Manekehla, Ludovico Paladini

From Tuesday, March 1st to Sunday, April 3rd
Tuesday through Saturday – 7:00 pm / Sunday – 12:00 pm
Sala Alcalá 31 de la Comunidad de Madrid
C. de Alcalá, 31, 28014 Madrid

Tuesday 1 March to Sunday 13 March: Piera Bellato, Ludovico Paladini, Thami Manekehla.
Tuesday 15 March to Sunday 20 March: Mathilde Invernon, Lisa Laurent, Ludovico Paladini.
Tuesday 22 March to Sunday 3 April: Lisa Laurent, Juan Loriente, Mathilde Invernon.

Part of her solo exhibition On a Human Scale at Sala Alcalá 31

Curator: Olivier Kaeser