La Ribot

‘Pièce Distinguée Nº45’ at Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland

Jun 25, 2022

La Ribot's 'Pièce distinguée Nº45' will be performed at the Tinguely Museum in Basel. The performance, with  Piera Bellato and Thami Manekehla will take place at the Museum's Grosse Halle and Solitude Park on Saturday, 25th of June at 17:00h. 

Pièce distinguée N°45 requires no special stage equipment and unfolds in the space like a cloth spread out on the grass for an impromptu lunch.
An unusual couple takes their seats on a blue velvet carpet in precious silence. Carefully and methodically, the woman paints first her partner and then herself until even the smallest trace of their respective identities is smothered. Pièce distinguée Nº45 borrows from the rituals of the performing arts and the power of painting, in a subtle game of erasing the identities of its protagonists.

La Ribot, Istituto Svizzero, Roma, 2022; Photo: Davide Palmieri

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