La Ribot

‘Attention, on danse !’ at FRAC Besançon, France

Apr 27 - Oct 27, 2024

EFRAC Franche-Comté opens in Besançon a monographic ezhibition about La Ribot, until 27 of October de 2024

“I have always thought that art was one single thing and not several. There are danced films, exhibitions with living paintings, actresses who sing, danced theater, written paintings. I started with dance, I will end with something else, probably. (…) I move forward with the real possibilities that life and the movement of things offer me.” — La Ribot

Because La Ribot’s installation, Walk the Bastards (2017), has recently joined its collection, which questions the notion of time and, within this question, the performative and transdisciplinary dimension, the Frac wanted to dedicate a monographic exhibition to La Ribot, an “undisciplined” artist. Through new or previously unseen installations in France, as well as recent films and photographs like those taken at the Prado, we will discover how the plastic dimension and dialogue with visual arts are omnipresent in the artist’s work. The exhibition will be punctuated by choreographic performances (Pièce distinguée N°54 and LaBOLA) to reaffirm the living dimension of her approach.

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Exhibition curator: Sylvie Zavatta, director of  Frac Franche Comte