La Ribot

Otra Narcisa

Dec 22 2018 - Jan 12 2019

Otra Narcisa, 2003, is a compendium of all the polaroid photographs taken in the course of performing Narcisa (n°16) beetween 1993-2003. In Narcisa (n°16), one of the Distinguished Pieces that comprise the live performance Más distinguidas, 1997 La Ribot photographs her breasts and pubis with a polaroid camera, then tapes the photos over the body parts they represent.

As she stands before the audience, arms stretched out, the pictures develop, visually exposing but also physically concealing the conventionally intimate or private areas of her body. The tree hundred and thirty seven images displayed compress the passage of one decade into a sequence that, if transformed into stop-frame animation at twenty-four frames a second, would last just a few seconds. Another pa amb tomàquet, 2002’s chaotic, decentered, neither properly ‘subjective’ nor ‘objectifying’ focalization is echoed in. Brought together as a group, they achieve another, temporal, level of dislocation: it’s tempting to think of them as an ultra-compressed kind of time-lapse movie.