La Ribot

‘Take a Seat’ at the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico

Jun 25 - Oct 13, 2018

The Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico presents Take a Seat, solo exhibition by La Ribot (Madrid, 1962). A selection of seven works that brings together video, installations, performance and video-installations created between 2001 and 2018. The works exhibited show the artist’s urge to research and her fascination with space and movement.

Take a Seat opens with the installation Walk the Authors (2018), a set of laser-engraved wooden folding chairs. The piece is presented for the first time in this exhibition. For La Ribot, the folding chairs are an invaluable vehicle to question contemporary art, its use and its value.

The exhibition also presents some of the fundamental pieces related to the concept of body-operator developed by La Ribot. These resulting works are full of nuances and innovations and their gradual evolution is evident in the show. From the evoking bodies/landscapes in Traveling Olga/Traveling Gilles (2003) or the obscure immersion in Carles Santos’ piano in Beware of Imitations! (2014), arriving at the extra role in FILM NOIR (2017).

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Take a Seat is a journey through the truly significant twenty years of work by La Ribot, which will open with a presentation of the performance  Pièce distinguée n°45. The Distinguished Pieces are another key concept in the artistic production of the artist. During the 1990s, La Ribot devises a new format of choreographies based in brevity. So far, she has created and presents 53 Distinguished Pieces in five series/shows: 13 Piezas distinguidas (1993), Más Distinguidas (1997), Still Distinguished (2000), PARAdistinguidas (2011), and Another Distinguée (2016).