La Ribot

LaBOLA at Museo del Prado

Jul 9, 2023

On the occasion of the inaugural events of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, we will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the latest works  by artist La Ribot at the Central Gallery of the Prado Museum. La Ribot, National Dance Award winner and recipient of the Golden Lion at the Venice Dance Biennale, will perform alongside her ensemble one of her most recent performance projects LaBOLA. There will be two sessions at 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM at the Central Gallery of the Museum on Sunday, July 9th.

In a permanent spiral movement, three performers exchange costumes, bring objects to life and compose with the present moment and its accidents. From this movement, fleeting images emerge, composed in the moment in an ever-changing play of colours and tones. Stripped of all artifice, on the same level as the audience, LaBOLA invades the space and opens an infinite path to the imagination.
This presentation is a collaboration between the Museo del Prado and th Swiss Confederation – Embassy of Switzerland in Spain and Andorra.