La Ribot

Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement by La Biennale di Venezia

Oct 15, 2020

La Biennale di Venezia has awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Spanish-Swiss choreographer La Ribot.

“The extravagant grande dame of contemporary art, a leading figure in today’s dance, her rigorous and radical work critiques and mocks metamorphosis, hybridism, absurdity and freedom. Her work resists any sort of classification: performance, live installation, dance, visual art.

Her contagious art electrifies thought, forces it to reach beyond conventions, to reorganize its reference points.

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The black box exploded from the early start of this total artist: she herself is an embodied manifesto that she ceaselessly renews by cheerily destroying preconceptions.

Transdisciplinarity is the mark of her lack of discipline, her physical presence is absolute, she practices poverty with opulence, her actions are shape-shifting; she is a wild and minimalist tragédienne, her sense of humour first excoriates then liberates free-thinking.

She makes us love freedom and its vibrant limits. She has fun.

She makes us happy”.

Marie Chouinard

On 13 October 2020 (Teatro alle Tese, 8:00 pm) La Ribot will present the work Panoramix (1993-2003) as an Italian premiere (repeat performance on 14 October) in the programme of the 14th International Festival of Contemporary Dance.