Leyla Cárdenas

Leyla Cárdenas' art is impulsed by venturing on understanding the passing of time, searching for a way to make its fragmentation and concurrence visible. Her work answer to physical space, to a place, with a focus on architecture and its context. Her practice generates various levels of meaning. Among her interests lies the analysis of palimpsestic texture of urban spaces: the city understood as node of times, spaces, interpretations, histories and memories.

Among her recent exhibitions are her project for Espacio Odeón in Bogotá (2015), the results of her residency at Q21, Museum Quartier in Vienna (2015), and the exhibition at Galería Max Estrella in June 2016. In this last one, the starting point were photos of two urban buildings in the instant previous to its disappearance, aiming not only to disclose the spectrum of time, but also to make it present inquiring in its sediment, reflecting, at the same time, about the “ruin of the image” or the incapacity of the image to show or represent that which it refers to.

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