Eugenio Ampudia, Marlon de Azambuja, Almudena Lobera, Nico Munuera, Aitor Ortiz, Jorge Perianes, Bernardi Roig, Luis Úrculo

El Escorial for the Artists

Jun 30 - Jul 3, 2017

On the occasion of its anniversary, Galería Max Estrella in collaboration with the San Lorenzo de El Escorial City Council has invited renowned artists to intervene plazas, gardens and patios with works created especially for the occasion. During the weekend July 1st, all of the neighbors are invited to this artistic outing.

The lampposts will never be the same after Marlon de Azambuja’s intervention at the Plaza de la Constitución, and no one will be able to forget Jorge Perianes’ enormous rock or Bernardí Roig’s strange being reclining on one of the trees at Casa de Cultura. Luis Úrculo will make a statue disappear for a couple of days and Almudena Lobera will take us to a busy Mediterranean beach. These are some of the installations that the town will reveal under the artists’ gaze. We are also fortunate to exhibit at the Salas de Cultura photographs by Bilbao-born artist Aitor Ortiz and an exquisite painting show by Nico Munuera, a preview of his solo exhibition at the IVAM (Valencia) this autumn.

It is not the first time Max Estrella’s artists face projects of this magnitude. In recent years, they have been invited to intervene iconic monuments, well-known plazas and public spaces of cities worldwide. Eugenio Ampudia had citizen participation for “Evacuad Madrid”, a piece that was conducted one night at Puerta de Alcalá. Almudena Lobera’s work “Un espectáculo para la vista” in Benicassim beach was part of the music festival and later presented at Miami Beach. Marlon de Azambuja has highlighted the sculptural potential of urban street furniture of cities around the world and Bernardí Roig recently lighted up Canterbury Cathedral. All of them have visited El Escorial to pick emblematic places to intervene and surprise us once again.

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Selected Artists:

Eugenio Ampudia: intervention at Theatre Carlos III’s balcony.

Marlon de Azambuja: his works will be at Plaza de la Constitución and at Casa de Cultura.

Almudena Lobera: video installation at Casa de Cultura’s auditórium.

Nico Munuera: painting exhibition at Casa de la Cultura and Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Gracia’s arcades.

Aitor Ortiz: photography exhibition at Sala Floridablanca.

Jorge Perianes: intervention at the Conservatory gardens.

Bernardí Roig: intervention at Casa de Cultura’s central patio.

Luis Úrculo: intervention on the statue at Plaza Jacinto Benavente.


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