Luis Úrculo

Luis Úrculo’s practice has as starting points anthropology, archeology and criminology, as well as references to phenomenology to create lines of investigation about the idea of reconstructing of timelines, dubious materialities, imprecise descriptions and interpretations of reality. Fiction and representation of diverse domestic geographies have also been bases for his research.

Úrculo also looks for a redefinition of tools, procedures and possible formats inside architecture. It is a closed investigation centered in representation and the “narrative of capture” of the invisible that defines space. This is a work that is not directly related with gravity and weight, values that have been units of measurement for construction and its impact in recent years.

His work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York; the Chicago Art Institute; MAXXI Rome; MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile; Tokyo Wonder Site; Storefront for Art & Architecture, New York; XI Venice Biennale, Spain pavilion; Lisbon Trienalle; Casa Encendida, Madrid; Centro Pecci, Prato; Matadero, Madrid; Montevideo Biennale; Centro Cultural Mapocho, Chile; Medellín Biennale.

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