Diana Fonseca

Upcoming: mi mundo como objeto

Feb 4 - Mar 26, 2023

'Objects completely deprived of the function they were created to fulfill are more beautiful, as they seem more unreal than the useful ones, belonging to the world of the irrational, closer to the heart than to the mind. Inherently beautiful, what is unreasonable becomes absurd, words abandon us and only our eyes can speak' - Diana Fonseca.

Max Estrella is pleased to present the  latest work by Diana Fonseca (Habana, 1973). With the title ‘Mi mundo como objeto’ (which translates as ‘My world as an object’), this is the Cuban artist’s first solo show at the gallery. Ten new original pieces created for the exhibition are the starting point for a creative discourse that questions the meaning of everyday, functional objects. Appropriation, understood as the object’s liberation of all its previous compromise, results on a new life of an artistic nature.