Diana Fonseca

Diana Fonseca is a creator interested in dismantling, almost obsessively, the simple things of life, and everyday events. Perhaps for that reason, or because of the lyrical propensity of her work, she catches varied images of reality and interconnects them in narratives that talk about disparity and inconsistencies; about contemporary life and visual saturation; about emptiness and banality.

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in 2005, Diana is one of the most interesting contemporary Cuban artists. She has performed numerous personal exhibitions both inside and outside the island. Among her most interesting solo projects we can find “Cara a cara”, two-person project with Jacques Villeglé in the Brownstone Foundation, Paris, France; “Diana Fonseca”, presented at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York, USA; “Viaje a la semilla”, two-person show developed with Aimée García at Factoria Habana, and “Extraña verdad”, at El Apartamento, both in Havana, Cuba. Her work has been included in collective exhibitions of relevance such as “Landlord Colors: On Art, Economy, and Materiality”, Cranbrook Art Museum of Michigan, USA; “Illness has a Colour”, side exhibition to the XIII Havana Biennial that took place at Estudio 50; “The Cuban Matrix” (Torrence Art Museum, LA, USA), “Wild Noise” (Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, USA), “Fireflies in the Night” (Stravos Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece), and “Transhumance, Beyond Cuban Horizons” (CAB Art Center, Brussels, Belgium). She has also participated in important fairs: ArtBo, The Armory Show, Untitled Art Fair, ARCO Madrid, Expo Chicago and LISTE Art Fair Basel.

In 2015 she was awarded with the EFG Bank & ArtNexus Acquisition Prize, Bogota, Colombia. She has also received the Cast Research Residency, Melbourne, Australia (2016) and the JustMad Residency, Asturias, Spain (2017).

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