Manolo Paz

‘The seas of the world’ at Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque (Madrid)

Feb 3 - Apr 26, 2021

The sea is a great influence in Manolo Paz’s work. In his Atlantic vocation, it governs processes and forms.

Metaphorically, the memory of the sea shapes many of his pieces and is a fundamental element of the primeval condition of his work.

In this project, entitled ‘The seas of the world’, Paz rescues sailors’ fishing nets to generate a monumental piece with them. The nets reproduce the colors of different waters, since these, when submerged, have to camouflage themselves in order to catch fish, which if saw colors other than those of their sea, would wander off. Therefore, the color of the piece is a resonance of the colors of the sea. The symbolic and physical richness of the maritime world and its traditions, along with the recovery of materials that speak about responsible fishing, makes this work an example of how to make art from sustainable principles.

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