La Ribot

Spanish Medal of Honor for Merit in the Fine Arts 2015

Dec 29, 2015

La Ribot receives the 2015 Spanish Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. This award is given to individuals that have distinguished themselves in an eminent way in the field of artistic creation, providing designated services or notably promoting, teaching, the development and dissemination of art or the conservation of the national artistic heritage.

Born in Madrid in 1962, La Ribot is one of the most innovative Spanish artists in choreographic creation. She began her classical ballet studies in 1975 in Spain. Her career as a choreographer began in 1985 with the montage Carita de Ángel, and a year later she founded the Bocanada Danza company together with Blanca Calvo, a benchmark for contemporary creation in the late 80s in Spain. It was followed by the Desviaciones cycle and later, in 1995, by the UVI-La Inesperada Association, designed to host research projects and workshops on the most avant-garde dance. Settled in London for a decade, her distinguished pieces stand out, small solos where La Ribot is presented nude, with a maximum duration of seven minutes and which are shown in museums and exhibition halls. Divided into three deliveries and compiled in the Panoramix assembly (2003), these pieces are sold to distinguished owners, acquiring the character of a work of art. Help! Glory! (1991), El gran game (1999) and 40 spontáneos (2004) are other works by an artist who usually moves in undisciplined territories. Dance, performance and visual art are part of the creative universe of La Ribot, awarded the National Dance Award 2000 in the Interpretation mode.