Miler Lagos

‘Rainmakers’ at Conde Duque Madrid, part of MadBlue 2022

Jan 27 - May 1, 2022

MadBlue presents Rainmakers, an interactive installation consisting of a rolling ring measuring 5 meters in diameter and 1.50 meters wide. It is made of wood and in contact with water. This wheel is designed to produce rain while people walk inside it.

Open to participation, Rainmakers revolves around vital energy and is directly articulated with the relationship between humans and the natural environment, projecting the flow of energy and the interactions that take place between culture and nature; a reflection on life itself.

In a poetic way, this enormous sculpture or installation is structured around the utopian idea of ​​attracting rain with our actions and is activated by walking. Miler Lagos makes energy circulate in the opposite direction, in the direction of a return to the origin, to the source, evoking the mills that effectively took advantage of hydraulic power to return some energy to life through art, summoning the political and committed to the poetic.

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This installation was presented in the Openart Biennial in Örebro, Sweden (2017) and ARTBO fair in Bogotá (2018).

Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque – C. del Conde Duque, 11, 28015 Madrid.