La Ribot

‘One arm less one eye more’ at Centro Párraga, Murcia

Oct 14 - Nov 27, 2016

The exhibition “One arm less one extra eye” puts together the most representative works by La Ribot’s technique "corp operateur", which she defines as the evolution of her interpreters who, camera in hand and in a single sequence shot, star in all the videos of this sample, covering more than a decade of production starting in 2001 and occupying all the spaces of the Párraga Center.

Thus, the pieces: Deployment, Another Pa Amb Tomaquet, Traveling Olga / Traveling Gilles, Mariachi 17 and Beware of Imitations !, along with the installation Huan Lan Hong, will generate a complex and clear cartography of the artist’s interests. The starting point of her projects is movement, body and dance, from which she draws her substantive core. She adopts different types of practices, systems and materials to generate a radically transdisciplinary discourse. At the same time as dance and live performance, her work includes the document, sign language, the realization of objects and installations, as well as relational experiences that involve the participation of non-professional extras or collaborations with other artists. The Párraga Center in Murcia is the setting for the premiere in Spain of “Another distinguished”, the first of the “distinguished pieces” in which men perform and which the artist -National Dance Award and Gold Medal for Merit of the Fine Arts- will present in February and March 2017 in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Exhibition coordinated by Ángel Varela.