Manolo Paz

New Artist at Max Estrella: Manolo Paz

Feb 2, 2021

Max Estrella has the pleasure to announce the representation of Manolo Paz's (Cambados, 1957) work.

We want to take a step forward to highlight the work of one of the most personal sculptors in Spain’s artistic scene. From his early years with Vijande Gallery (Madrid) in the 80s, Paz positions himself outside of the mainstream, with the objective of transforming inert matter into works of art. Through various decades, his efforts unceasing, he has been tackling projects of great magnitude from his homeland, Galicia, to Europe and the United States.

Nowadays, we are looking back to our origins. Nature becomes, once again, the center of the debate; waters in which the artist has been thriving for many years. It is perhaps the moment to swim with the flow and acknowledge who has always been there.

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