Miler Lagos

‘Lagos’ at La Casita, Bogotá

Aug 17 - Nov 10, 2017

Exploration with matter is the central axis of this show. Solid and liquid, expansion and containment; the different states and the transition from one to another allow the change of horizontal axis in the exploration of the liquid state to the vertical one in the solid state. Hence the reference to water as a plastic matter, to its ability to adopt the shape of its container.

Geographical accidents produce cavities that water can occupy in the formation of lakes and lagoons are evoked in this exhibition, in the exploration with sheets of paper, which are subjected to forces that produce random folds that, as in mountain systems, favor the creation of basins where liquid can be poured; in this case translucent resin.

The LAGOS project addresses the use of matter in accordance with the physical properties that define it, but also in relation to the possible meanings or values ​​that it can evoke from its manifestations. Here paper, epoxy resin and water are articulated in an exhibition that evokes the lake formations typical of the Andean moors.

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