Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder: Picture Making and Assembling at Carnegie Museum of Art Pittsburgh, USA

May 30 2024 - Jun 1 2025

Guest-curated by artist Jessica Stockholder (b. 1959, Seattle, WA), this presentation delves into the intersections between Stockholder’s own sculpture/paintings and a selection of artworks from the Carnegie Museum collection.

Since the 1980s, Stockholder has pioneered a distinctive method of organizing materials that invites a meticulous examination of pictorial space, expanding its boundaries and exploring its intersections with everyday materials. This curated collection, spanning from a 19th-century still life painting to contemporary sculptures influenced by Minimalism, offers a fresh perspective on the ordinary.The presentation is a collaborative effort by Jessica Stockholder with Liz Park, Richard Armstrong Curator of Contemporary Art, and Cynthia Stucki, curatorial assistant.