Eugenio Ampudia

Eugenio Ampudia at Palacio Quintanar, Segovia.

Jun 23 - Nov 5, 2023

Palacio Quintanar presents Eugenio Ampudia’s exhibition Cómo si no hubiera pasado nada , opening Friday 23rd of June from 19:00 h. at Palacio Quintanar, Segovia.

Ampudia is a conceptual artist  who questions perception, reality and set standards through his work, a mix of audiovisual pieces, plastic and photographic artwork and other mediums. His work develops a connection with the exhibiting space and interacts with the visitor. Curated by Blanca de la Torre, the retrospective solo show includes different artworks that actively relate to the spaces  in Palacio Quintanar, continously altering and defying them, exploring new routes  and ideas.

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