Jorge Perianes

‘Dobre Quadratura’ at Casa do Cabido, Santiago de Compostela

Jan 9 - May 30, 2021

Casa do Cabido is part of the Baroque scenography  in Santiago de Compostela, which during the 17th and 18th centuries graced the streets adjacent to the Cathedral. Casa do Cabido’s role is key in the harmony of Praza das Praterías, with a beautiful stone canvas facade, which manifests in its grandeur the theatrical concept of Baroque, a performance performed masterfully through an optical illusion, a mirage that makes the viewer participate in the chimera of art.

LOIS PATIÑO and JORGE PERIANES share the spirit of this building, supporting the idea of ​​the mystery hidden behind the scenes. As in the old pictorial technique of Quadratura -in which the trompe l’oeil simulates figures floating and rising in an imaginary ascent towards the sky- they intervene the space of these rooms to create their singular scenic act.

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Both artists move away from empty soliloquy and hermeneutical isolation and, taking advantage of the historical context of Baroque, propose their own narratives to the viewer:

PATIÑO plays with lyricism, the silence of the night and intimacy guarded by the shadows.

PERIANES looks to the mirror’s reflection in search of the eternal journey of humans, with its findings and losses, its questions and answers.


Curated by: Mercedes Rozas