Jorge Perianes

‘Dialogues’ at Provincial Museum of Lugo, Spain

Jul 27 - Sep 29, 2011

The Dialogues project initiates a series of interventions by artists that propose relationships between the permanent collection of the museum and contemporary creation. These proposals made by contemporary artists provide an innovative vision of collections by presenting cultural assets as something that is alive and dynamic. On this occasion, the different spaces and the elements of material culture are reinterpreted by the artist Jorge Perianes, as in the previous edition Iván Prieto did in the neighboring room 22 of the Museum.

In these first steps of the Dialogues project, a discourse is articulated about the ability to tell stories from pre-existing objects and rooms. Jorge Perianes’ interventions cover three spaces of the museum, two of them are traditionally exhibition spaces and another one part of the most recent extension of the Provincial Museum of Lugo. The window in which the artist intervenes acquires a marked scenic character, with a theatricality clearly defined by the red cloth in front of which the viewer is surprised by the presence of a realistic puppet, feeding visitors’ voyeur spirit.

The two other interventions refer to the museum as cultural machinery and to the exhibits. On the one hand, in the clock room, the artist intervenes directly on the objects that are usually devoid of their original function and are neutralized by traditional museography to turn them into an object of scientific study. These pieces, originally conceived as objects of use, rather than contemplation, are recontextualized by Jorge Perianes to transform them into elements of a still life within the tradition of the readymade or objet trouve. In the third room, as in the first, the intervention is site-specific. The novelty is that, although in the first case it occupied an empty space, now it acquires a double nature by intervening at the same time in the museum space and in the works on display.

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