Inma Femenía


May 10 - Jul 21, 2018

Inma Femenía builds her practice focusing on light and color, understanding both concepts from the digital, virtual and technological spheres. As if it were an episode of the British series Black Mirror, Femenía’s work refers to those post-images which have lost their consistence and wander eternally through the Internet’s infinite ocean.

Visual glitches, images fragmented by security cameras, spaces lighted solely by screensavers, images of light captured through scanners or the reflection of faces in switched off screens, have materialized in recent years on diverse media ranging from aluminum to plastic. Femenía has created the skin of this reality, a surface of encounter and passage.

The starting point for Surface is the materialization of light phenomena of the tangible and digital worlds. The artist presents three installations that delve into the relationship between perception and materiality of visual language. Screens, color-light and manipulation of digital image are the components Femenía uses to speak about the digital brilliance which marks our everyday life; the way technology advances in communication continuously determine our conception of reality.

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City centers are increasing their amount of screens and their dimensions are progressively expanding, making their presence more overwhelming. The considerable amount of time we spend looking at screens has led to the creation of a new language. The artist brings this digital world –which is commonly behind the screen- to the physical world, and makes it penetrate in objects and spaces, that end up embracing the public, making them part of the scene.

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