Mikel R. Nieto


Sep 14 - Oct 21, 2017

Max Estrella has the pleasure to present sound artist Mikel R. Nieto. Resilience is a concept used in psychology to describe the capacity of quickly recovering from difficulties and can also explain the ability of a substance or object to adapt with elasticity.

Resilience is, definitely, the ineffable quality which allows some people to get stronger after being defeated. Instead of letting failure overcome them, resilience drains its determination before failure, finding a way of rising up from its own ashes. Ironically this concept is used in businesses and multinationals to make their workers capable of withstanding adverse situations and able of continuing their production.

This installation consists solely of a crashed motorcycle used for fast-food deliveries. The red vehicle with a white box lays in the center of the room, which remains without illumination. The motorcycle’s blinker brightens the room with its intermittent light and generates a faltering faint sound.

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This flickering sound can be interpreted as a heartbeat and also as a symbolic way to take the pulse of capitalism and its capacity of adaptation, or resilience, capable of promoting its mutation and continuity incorporating all knowledge for its own profit.

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