Mikel R. Nieto

Mikel R. Nieto has studied Art in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona. He has been immerse in the phonographic practice for years as well as the theory on which it depends.

He has imparted workshops in culture centres and universities, and has participated in exhibition like Arte sonoro en España, 1961 – 2016, Fundación Juan March, Madrid, 2016; and Volumen, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2014. Nieto has contributed in radios, recently at MACBA’s with the work Sonido Intersticial (2017) and MNCARS with La Guerra (2013). He is part of the team of the Basque Country’s sound map,, and of Hots! Radio; and is the director, alongside José Luis Espejo and Xavier Erkizia, of El Observatorio de la escucha.

His last project, Dark Sound, published by German publishing house Gruenrekorder, describes the direct or indirect sound impact generated by the oil industry in its different phases of development both in towns and wild zones of Ecuador’s Amazon forest.