Duane Michals

Recent work

Jun 15 - Jul 28, 2001

“The moment before and the
moment after are more important
 than the decisive moment” - D.M.

Max Estrella presents, for the first time in a Spanish private gallery, the work of Duane Michals (Pennsylvania, 1932), one of the most influential photographers of the last 30 years.

The exhibit, with works that range from his first photographs to his most recent ones, demonstrates the timeless character of the work of this “story teller”. Interested above all on the narrative capacity of photography, at the end of the sixties, in a series titled “Secuences”, Michals broke one of the cardinal rules of photography, that of the autonomy of the single print and later in 1974, he began to introduce handwritten inscriptions to his photographs, consolidating ideas that he wished to translate to the photographic image; expressed in his words,  “you’re either defined by the medium or you redefine the medium in terms of your needs”

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In 1970, his work was exhibited at the MOMA in New York, and since then it has been exposed in the principal museums of the world, like an individual exhibit at the Reina Sofia less than 3 years ago. He has received numerous awards like the Golden Medal of the Ville du Paris or the Golden Medal of Photography from the National Arts Club in New York.