Duane Michals

Duane Michals (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, 1932) is one of the most renowned artist of American avant-garde. His art balances photography and poetry. In the sixties, Michals proposed a new approximation to photography, in which -rather than pursuing the truth-, he attends to the metaphysical aspects of life.

Through a very personal and extraordinarily original work, Duane Michals has blurred the boundaries between photography and other disciplines, like poetry or painting, developing into one of the artists that -with a great intensity- have renovated photographical language during the last sixty years.

In a time marked by photojournalism, he rejected the limitations of this medium and approached cinematic storytelling by creating carefully constructed photo seqiuences. He went beyond the limitations of the medium by incorporating hand-written texts onto his positive copies, bestowing greater depth to his photos. With uncomplicated techniques and lighting, and a very thought-out escenography, he approaches the greater questions of humans, in many cases through plau and irony. Regardless of the medium and theme, Michals’ personality, interests, and sense of humor impregnate his work.

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