Pedro Calapez

Recent work

Apr 29 - Jun 14, 2003

Pedro Calapez is undoubtedly one of the best known and valued Portuguese artists with a career as broad as it is consistent. The constructive nature that he encourages in his production coexists with the dreamy manifestations of a creation that fundamentally wants to direct the senses. Calapez relates to the creators of "all - over" painting by sharing the desire to shelter the viewer in a chromatic field.

Currently, Calapez uses industrial panels that have a reticular shape and holes. On the front face of these surfaces, the paint is arranged in two different ways. In the first, it has an exuberant density of pigments, among which the sharp and rigorous drawing is absent. The second of the of his approaches to painting is through the clear and voluminous outlines of synthetic figures, and again already architectural, already landscaped, on a surface of pure pigment. Either by incision, the use of dry pastel or acrylic paint.