Nov 9 - Jan 9, 2001

After showing “Basic Needs”, in the Internacional Pabillion of Hannover Universal Exposition 2000, Fernando Bellver shows a serie of new works, “Mentiras” in Max Estrella Gallery. So,  this exposition anticipates the  retrospective exhibition that begins to travel around Spain from  Centro Conde Duque  of Madrid since October 2002.

The plastic radical evolution of Bellver was already emerging in that mentioned pabillion, in Hannover, where his installation ZU consists of 66 full up of earth urns. That earth was caught by people who had travelled all around the world.

On this occasion, the artist presents several series of works where lies are the common denominator. By means of keen plays of forms and shadows, the artist investigates the aparence objets and they are contrasted with reality. Bellver, encouraged by his affinity with dadaist premises, gets different formal looks without giving up they determine him in his conceptual aspects. Without altering(or changing??) his principles, but using several ideas simultaneously, it can be reconogised diferrent subjects if the best figurative tradition: the human figure, dead natures, nudes, artist´s selfportrait, but using new supports with absolute contemporaring: light boxes, photographs, bronze or polyester sculptures.

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The new Bellver´s commitment is included in his already long trajectory of experimentation on new plastic languages where the artist has showed his ability of translating the pulse of actuality in each moment.