Rafael G. Bianchi

Second part

Jun 17 - Jul 31, 2004

Next Thursday, May 17, Max Estrella Gallery presents for the first time in Madrid the work of Catalan artist Rafael G. Bianchi. Second part is the title of this exhibition in which the artist has made a selection of large-format sculptures and drawings that offer a seemingly innocent and playful look at contemporary society.

One of the pieces consists of a small soccer field, where the lines that delimit the field of play have multiplied. Players, referee and court are perfectly recognizable, and yet a slight change can affect the entire reading of the game, it can disarm some rules that did not seem so ironclad and plunge its participants into a state of confusion, inactivity and bewilderment.

Bianchi’s work always seeks complicity with the spectator. His pieces are completed in their interpretation by the public. The spectator of the football table will imitate the posture of the characters in the drawings to be able to observe the work. We, as spectators are looking at the ground looking for our own space, looking for our map, looking for everyday lines that we do not always know how to recognize and interpret.

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