Aitor Ortiz

‘Verweilen’ at Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid

Jan 31 - May 5, 2013

The exhibition Verweilen at the Sala Canal de Isabel II brings together 50 photographs by the artist Aitor Ortiz (Bilbao, 1971). The publisher and art critic David Barro served as curator. Ortiz uses architecture to suggest images that lie on the border between reality and fiction. He relies on architectural space, converting it into a process of construction and deconstruction and into a highly evocative image that wavers between the virtual and the real.

The show is carried out within the activities of the international fair Arco Madrid 2013. The exhibition Aitor Ortiz. Verweilen is in accordance with the unique exhibition space of the Canal de Isabel II exhibition hall and its industrial character. Around 50 works surround the space combining all the series, based on a wide selection of photographs, sculptures and a sound installation in the tank.

His most recent series, titled Net, now presented to the public for the first time, together with the unpublished images of previous series, allow a panoramic look at his solid trajectory. The exhibition includes pieces corresponding to different series:

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Destructuras, in which he shows his interest in architecture, focusing fully on the form itself, on pure typology, making a subjective reinterpretation of the empty form.

Modular, from the union of several photographs and the reinterpretation of the space-theme as an abstract space.

Millau, a photographic series of images he made on the Millau Viaduct over the River Tarn, in southern France. In it, space is shown as an experience of place.

Latent space, reflection on the two-dimensionality/three-dimensionality of photographic support and architectural space.

Muros de luz, in this series marble architecture appears as the protagonist of fictitious scenarios in which light helps to compose the image of space.

Amorfosis, a series in which the visions of the material to be photographed such as architecture, sculpture or installation are mixed.

Net, this new series is presented at Canal de Isabel II Exhibition Space for the first time and in it reality folds, becomes entangled and the gaze approaches and recedes without being able to grasp the definitive image.