Daniel Canogar

‘Travesías’, Permanent Installation at European Union Council (Brussels)

Jan 5, 2010

Travesías is a video installation using a LED screen, created specially for the atrium of the Justus Lipsius building of the European Union Council. The exhibition coincides with the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.

The sculptural screen has an undulating shape and includes a full loop. The screen, long and thin, resembles a pathway suspended in mid air. It displays videos taken with an overhead camera of people walking or crawling. The images mirror the constant flow of people that cross the atrium but diverge in gesture, as if liberating movements from the bodies caught in the repetitive briefcase-clasping strides below.

Medium: Sculptural LED video installation. LED screen, computer, controlled
system, 35 min. video loop.
Dimensions: 30 x 1,65m/ 110″ x 6″.
Location: Council of the European Union, Brussels, Belgium.

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