Inma Femenía

‘Tensión’ at Centro Párraga, Murcia

Jun 24 - Sep 4, 2016

"TENSIÓN" Specific project for space 4 of Centro Párraga

Inma Femenía reflects on the way we perceive the world, increasingly conditioned by the digital sphere. This digital medium understood not only as a vehicle for transmitting images, but also as a language with a grammar that irremediably modifies the appearance of forms. The appearance of decoded files, the physicality of the technology, the range of light color in mobile screens are the instruments with which this artist works.

Under this point of view she places her artistic practice, delving into the digital field, delving into its pixels and light vibrations.

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She resorts to technological devices not so much for their reproductive tasks of reality, but because they allow her to show the plastic possibilities of the fingerprint and the independent nature of software.