Daniel Canogar

‘Sikka Ingentium’ at Navarre University Museum, Pamplona

Mar 22 2017 - Jan 28 2018

Daniel Canogar presents a sculptural video-installation made up of 2,400 recycled DVDs. This multi-thematic piece is inspired by the "sikka", the gold coins that in Babylonian times were sewn on clothes and that turned into bright plastic objects, known today as sequins.

A surface that evokes wealth and power, just as DVDs remind us of the glamour of Hollywood, where the image has become a bargaining chip.

In the installation, the DVDS’ content is projected onto its surface, granting new uses to waste materials combining the phantasmagorical properties of the cinema with its hardware. The self-generated soundtrack that accompanies it is the resulting “accidental composition” created by overlaping the soundtracks of the actual segments that are being projected. The final effect is that of an audiovisual mosaic. In this way, the installation of Canogar reflects about our culture, the hardware we use to store information and the survival of these in today’s society.

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