Daniel Canogar

‘Oculus’ at Novartis Pavillon (Basel, Switzerland)

May 1, 2022

Studio Daniel Canogar is pleased to present Oculus, a generative animation that features the Novartis Pavillon zero-energy media façade. The Pavillon, built with a unique solar panel technology developed by iart studio, presents an artistic program curated by Martin Furler and Sabine Himmelsbach.

Oculus is a generative abstract animation that responds in real-time to data related to climate change. An algorithm, custom-designed by Studio Daniel Canogar, accesses a number of webpages that monitor different phenomena, including polar ice caps melting, carbon dioxide levels, active fire data and global temperature anomalies. Oculus’ animation references this data through four different versions of color-coded graphics, with a visual vocabulary that artistically reinterprets traditional climate change visualizations.

Specifically for this project, iart, a media architecture studio, together with the architect Michelle De Lucchi developed an innovative technology highly committed to sustainability. The Pavillon’s façade, covered by photovoltaic polycarbonate LEDs, features several site-specific artworks through its outdoors skin, one being our generative artwork, Oculus.

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