Nacho Martín Silva

Nacho Martín Silva and Leyla Cárdenas at Espacio 23, Miami

Nov 2 2023 - Aug 23 2024

Nacho Martín Silva's work ‘En lo oculto (2018)’ and Leyla Cádenas' 'Disolución Mutua (2029)' are part of the group show ‘To Weave the Sky: Textile Abstractions’ from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection at Espacio 23.

To Weave the Sky: Textile Abstractions from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection celebrates numerous textile-based works from the Pérez collection – many of which have never been publicly exhibited before – and engages these acquisitions as focal points from which to structure creative dialogues with artworks presented in other mediums. Featuring works from over 100 intergenerational artists from around the world, To Weave the Sky is inspired by weaving’s traditional ties to abstraction and geometry, landscape and the organic, tactility and intimacy, and indigenous cosmologies and ritual. Curated by Tobias Ostrander in close dialogue with curators of the Pérez Collection, Patricia M. Hanna and Anelys Alvarez, the show attempts to uncover contemporary fascination with the medium – one that has been historically marginalized to the genre of craft within Western art contexts.


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