Miler Lagos

Miler Lagos is the guest artist at ABC Cultural’s space during ARCO Madrid 2020

Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2020

His artistic proposal for ABC Cultural's space during ARCO 2020 is titled 'The Silent Witness' and is composed by pieces elaborated with newspapers. This installation reflects on time and the events that happen in time, and in a subtle manner about the ephemeral and the durable.

The central piece is a sculpture from carved stacks of newspapers with an estimate weight of 3 tons. This sculpture evokes the organic shapes of the great Latin American Ceibas, sacred trees venerated for their longevity and grandeur.

The second component is a collage also elaborated with newspapers, in this case 400 copies of the same page and day. Lagos superposes them in a fan manner to complete a circle, evoking the rings of time in trees.

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Silent and static in landscape, trees register in each of their rings the events and changes of their environment. These spectator and recorder essences are natural conditions of the trees’ existence. It is this essence that, once turned into paper, persists in the function that justifies its production. From birth certificate to death declaration, paper registers our pass through this reality. It is the ideal support to archive the entirety of our culture’s information.