Miler Lagos

Miler Lagos at the Colombian Embassy

May 26, 2022

Miler Lagos presents his most recent work at the Colombian Embassy, produced during his residency at El Núcleo. New pieces of his series 'Lagos' share space with 'Anillos del Tiempo', both reflecting on nature and geographical formations.

Lagos is a series of artworks made with paper and resin that explores the agency of matter: solid and liquid, expansion and contention. The transition between one state to another allows for the change of axis, from horizontal in the exploration of the liquid state to vertical in the solid state; thereof the reference to water as a plastic matter, to its capacity of adopting the shape of its container. Geographic features produce cavities that water occupies in the shape of lakes and lagoons, recalled in these pieces by the exploration with sheets of paper subjected to forces that produce random creases which, just like mountain ranges, favor the creation of basins where liquid can be poured; in this case, translucent resin. Resin, as an artificial material, lets the artist explore the liquid qualities that can evoke water
occupying this sort of geography made of paper. Yet, not all of its attributes refer to this vital resource; moreover it contains characteristics of the plastic product going against natural dynamism. Paper, on the other hand, becomes a structure that evokes a relationship with its natural origin.