Hisae Ikenaga

Luxembourg Order of Architects First Art in Situ Prize at Forum da Vinci

Mar 31, 2021

The Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers of Luxembourg (OAI), in collaboration with the da Vinci Association and the Contemporary Art Association, is pleased to announce the winners of the 1st Art In Situ OAI competition. Launched in the midst of a pandemic, this first edition of the competition, under the high patronage of Mrs. Sam Tanson, Minister of Culture, was a great success with the submission of 19 applications, of which 17 were selected. Considering the quality of the 17 nominations selected, the jury unanimously awarded the prize ex aequo to the artists Filip Markiewicz and Hisae Ikenaga.

The jury met on Wednesday March 3, 2021 under the chairmanship of architect Marie Lucas. The artistic and plastic quality of all the nomination files impressed the members of the jury, who noted with satisfaction the special attention they paid to the dialogue with the existing architecture.

In its decision in favor of Filip Markiewicz, the jury underlines the political approach of its proposal, in perfect harmony with its time.

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Entitled Reproduction of Elements, Hisae Ikenaga’s work will be added in a second phase to this constellation. It will focus on the details of the existing architecture to draw our attention to the multiple technical and security constraints which, in practice, restrict the expression of architects. In a playful way, the artist plans to create a panoply of fake standardized objects and imaginary signage straight out of absurd specifications. By playing with codes and conventions, his installation humorously shifts the gaze of the spectator, who is invited to discover the building from another angle.

The Minister of Culture Sam TANSON congratulated the OAI for this exemplary initiative, especially in this period of health crisis.

The installation scheduled at the Da Vinci Forum for 3 years is done in 2 phases, during an 18-month period. The two winners benefit from an individual exhibition. Filip Markiewicz’s project will therefore see the light of day before this summer, while the intervention of Hisae Ikenaga will be available to the public towards the end of 2022.



Artist: Su-Mei Tse

Artist: Trixi Weis

Curator: Christian Mosar

Art critic: Josée Hansen

Architect: Marie Lucas (president of the jury)

Engineer: Gilles Christnach