Daniel Canogar

‘Liquid Memories’ at Kubo Kutxa, San Sebastián

Sep 12 2019 - Jan 6 2020

Daniel Canogar’s work reflects on memory and its loss. In his projects, he works to avoid the loss and disappearance of memories provoked by continuous overexposure of information.

The artist addresses this matter from different approaches: from recovering the memories of the life that unused electronic objects had in the past, to collecting and digitally transforming changes that affect today’s developed societies.

In this exhibition, by the title Liquid Memories, he reflects on processes that avoid the loss of memories, and bringing awareness of this loss.

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An important part of the show’s discourse highlights the constant, unfathomable flux of data we are bombarded with in our everyday lives. Canogar, through a technological process, collects it and projects it for the public in the form of a suggestive abstract generative animation, characterized by its poetic value.

September 12, 2019 – January 6, 2020
Curator: Lola Durán Úcar