Inma Femenía

Inma Femenía has created a permanent installation for CaixaForum València

Apr 21, 2021

“la Caixa” Foundation and Inma Femenía presented on April 21st the artwork that the artist has specially created for CaixaForum València, which will become a permanent installation in the Cultural Center starting summer 2022. 

Arc al Cel, by Inma Femenía, will be placed in the interior of the building. The artistic proposal has been designed ad hoc for CaixaForum València. It integrates and dialogues with the natural and organic ecosystem created by Enric Ruiz-Geli. Its result is an immaterial, fascinating, and memorable sculpture.

The project uses sunlight to reproduce a chromatic spectrum, an optical and meteorological phenomenon: the rainbow. The work represents the combination of art, nature, science and architecture; elements of the essence of CaixaForum València according to the artist’s interpretation.

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The installation, located 30 meters high, will take advantage from natural light that soaks the building through the skylight, and will only be visible on days with direct sunlight, resembling a natural phenomenon. In addition, Arc al Cel will depend on different factors, such as the time of day and the seasons, which will modify its visibility and create a different and unique experience in every visit made to CaixaForum.

Arc al Cel  is therefore an allegory of beauty and nature as a spur for reflection about ecology and sustainability. CaixaForum València will have its own rainbow, a symbolic element that acts as an icon of the fusion between culture, art, technology, and sustainability.