Inma Femenía

‘Infrathin’ at Bombas Gens, Valencia

Mar 13 2020 - Jan 21 2021

The exhibition “Infrathin” is the result of Inma Femenía’s investigation on perception as shaped by digital media, and the resulting experience of physical reality. A perception that is understood as a tool that modifies the appearance of forms, and that Femenía attempts to capture by using different surfaces.

The artist approaches the agreed limits of what is perceptible, and furthers them in order to in order to remain on that threshold and reveal new modes of perception, informed by the light of screens and its temporary reflection on things. The processes of pixelation, wear and dissolution of images in our screens echoes a vanishing reality that is reconfigured as if it were a shadow theatre. This “digital” approach brings us to Marcel Duchamp’s notion of “infrathin”: moments relating to the physical body and to space, extracted from the lightness of daily life, and in which the true essence of art can be found. Moments such as the as the warmth of a surface where someone has been sitting, the sound made by the fabric of a pair trousers while walking, caresses, or a drawing made by steam or breath on a polished surface, mirror or glass.

In this project, Femenía presents a series of works created specifically for the spaces of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, together with others that are part of the Per Amor a l’Art Collection.

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