Eugenio Ampudia

‘I tu què has fet per l’art?’ at Tecla Sala Centre d’Art de L’Hospitalet, Barcelona

Nov 8 2018 - Jun 2 2019

The exhibition «Eugenio Ampudia. And you? What have you done for the Arts?» brings together twenty-one multidisciplinary works produced between 1991 and 2018, and a piece created especially for the show.

These works appropriate advertising and mass media language in order to transport the spectator into a subtle irony and unexpected associations that, more often than not, reach the absurd.

This show demonstrates that the interests of the artist have maintained intact through his career of twenty-five years, insisting recurrently on the role of the artists in the world, their interests and, above all, the place history has assigned them.

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Curator: Andrés Mengs

09/11/2018 – 02/06/2019

Tecla Sala Centre d’Art de L’Hospitalet, Barcelona