Markus Linnenbrink


Jun 3 - Sep 11, 2022

DIDAC presents Markus Linnenbrink's FLAMINGLOVEANDDESTINY in Santiago de Compostela. Its a site-specific installation in wich german artist Markus Linnenbrink transforms the space in Fundación DIDAC into a large scale, inhabitable painting.

Markus Linnenbrink’s  (Dortmund, Germany, 1961) painting creates a complex atmosphere in which architectural space is transformed by the painting and chromatic process, becoming a new sensoral experience. In many of his installations, lines sometimes follow a sort of subtle geometry, adding precission and depth, contrasting with the more spontaneous paint drips.

In this  exhibition, Markus Linnenbrink creates a site-specific artwork playng with the space, filling all its walls and ceiling, turning it into an inhabitale painting that inspires the viewer to look in every direction and dive into plastic emotion.

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Markus fixation with color, using a complementary color range, creates a powerful phisicality that outplays the white cube to multiply its angles, adding light and brightness. Without breaking its original shape, the artist invites us to explore a playful new space where new perspectives and vanishing points are created.

In this installation, paint goes further than vertical space, invading floors and ceiling, creating a new almost psychedelic atmosphere. Its pattern is defined by the lines that confer a sense of order, but also by the paint drips that suggest the spontaneity of the process and gesture, the action of painting.

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