Eugenio Ampudia

‘El futuro no es de nadie todavía’ tours Bogotá, Monterrey, Oaxaca, and Mexico City

Jul 23 2015 - Jul 23 2016

An interplay of paradoxes relating to the age we live in through invisible, imaginary and virtual presences is revealed in the exhibition El futuro no es de nadie todavía (The Future Belongs to No One Yet) by the Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia.

The show presents a selection of works through which the artist and the curator Blanca de la Torre set out to reveal all the invisible layers of everyday life by inviting the spectator to experience the work as a trigger of thought and the structures and system we inhabit.

It takes visitors around a number of pieces, some already iconic, others hitherto unseen, on a journey tinged with irony that speaks of the need to see beyond, to open other possible doors inside our everyday situation.

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Eugenio Ampudia is currently one of the most renowned Spanish artists. His work, produced from a critical approach, explores artistic processes, the artist as promoter of ideas, the political role of creators, the meaning of the artwork, strategies that enable it to be put in place, its production, promotion and consumption mechanisms and the efficiency of the spaces allocated to art, as well as the analysis and experience of the viewer who gazes at and interprets them.