Eugenio Ampudia

‘Desbandada’ at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Brugos (CAB)

Jun 10 - Sep 18, 2016

Artist Eugenio Ampudia proposes an installation for CAB that reflects on productive mechanisms of culture and the spectator’s role.

One of the most recognized Spanish artists today, Eugenio Ampudia (Valladolid, 1958) investigates with a critical eye the established art system, the artistic process, the artwork and the traditional mechanisms inherent to its promotion, contemplation and interpretation.

Ampudia relies on an intelligent combination of formal risk and conceptual solidity, transgressing the limits between audiovisual and practices associated to installation and sculpture. The installation he brings to Burgos has the key ideas in his creating impulse: critical attitude, analysis of production mechanisms, promotion and consumption of art, and bringing the protagonist role of the spectator into play, as contemplator and interpreter of art.

The project “Desbandada” (Stampede) has been created by Ampudia in exclusive for CAB. It reflects on emptiness, on the impossibility of apprehend knowledge in a time dominated by vertigo and noise. Knowledge seems to be condensed in hyper-specialized discourses, perverting language when turning the significant (linguistic sign) into significant (the meaning of what we say). “Desbandada” creates an illusory environment, a rotating vortex that catches the spectator under successive transparencies that filtrate a series of chained projections. The result is a cosmic labyrinth, a sort of celestial vault that rotates around our heads. A concrete space without limits, structured as if it was created by nature, a beautiful metaphor about the speed with which we consume ideas and the physical experience of its perception.

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The show at CAB brings together some of the most emblematic works from Ampudia’s production. In “Encapsulated Drawings” or “Museum and Space” the artist addresses with a critical eye today’s dynamics in the international culture industry.