Daniel Canogar

‘Small Data LAB’ at the Navarre University Museum (Pamplona)

Apr 10 - Oct 6, 2019

Artist Daniel Canogar began his residency at the Collection of the University of Navarra Museum during the 2015-2016 academic year. His visit to the collection facilitated the review of the parameters in which his Small Data works had been developed and allowed him to generate new pieces that would continue that series.

The exhibition Small Data Lab presents three new pieces that the artist created as a result of his residency in the Tender Puentes program. These new pieces are presented alongside nine pieces from the Small Data series, belonging to the author’s private collection and the Museum Collection University of Navarra.
In the middle of the Big Data era, the exhibition links the recovery of technologies and devices that have become obsolete, such as DVDs, hard drives, VHS videos, electronic circuits and old calculators, among others, to the creation of works of art through sculpture and video.