Jorge Perianes

‘Categories’ at Abierto X Obras, Matadero Madrid

Sep 18 - Nov 13, 2011

Jorge Perianes comes to Abierto x Obras with his site-specific installation, Categories, a new reflection on melancholy and men-boys.

In Categories we are contemplating an piece with ambition, both in formal terms and in the concepts it deals with.  Perianes tries to unite in just one glance a situation of opposites, two concepts or symbolic categories that could just as well belong to a basement (where life is in gestation and where roots are to be found) or to an attic (where mementos are kept safe and the home of wisdom, a place for reflection and death).  In his installation Perianes brings to the Abierto x Obras space an exercise in these categories, basic philosophical concepts used for thought, and, lining them up against their opposites, he reveals their intimate structure.

“You learn how to look at paintings in art galleries as if they were bits of wall or ceiling, and how to look at the walls and ceiling as if they were paintings whose tens and thousands of paths you follow untiringly, endlessly retracing your steps, as if they were merciless labyrinths, or a text that no-one will ever decipher, or decaying faces”. (G. Perec,Things/a Man Asleep)

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